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New and Updated Monoliths

These are the monoliths that have been added or updated within the past few days.

Title Date Spotted Vanished Created on Last Updated
Piatra Neamț, Western Moldavia, Romania 2020-12-08 4 months ago
Detroit Mountain Monolith 2021-07-11 4 months ago
The photo was published by the town hall of Saint-Amour on social networks.
Saint-Amour, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France 2020-12-29 5 months ago
Poltava Landfill, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine 2020-12-11 5 months ago
Des Moines, Washington, United States 2021-06-24 5 months ago
Kazakhstan Desert 2021-06-26 5 months ago
Merry Maidens Stone Circle
Merry Maidens stone circle, Cornwall, England 2020-12-15 5 months ago
Woodstock Third Monolith - from Daily Freeman
Woodstock, New York, United States, 3rd Monolith 2021-06-24 5 months ago
Franklin, Kentucky, USA 2021-05-29 6 months ago
Aleppo, Syria 2021-04-26 6 months ago
Inscribed in Klingon (Star Trek) is the message VITOR SANTANA BENDITA TRIBALDOS 2020
Tribaldos, Castilla La Mancha, Spain 2020-12-22 6 months ago
Webster Orange UFO Monolith
Webster, Minnesota, USA 2021-05-17 6 months ago
Gingerbread monolith with a full colored rainbow.
Corona Heights Park, San Francisco, United States 2020-12-25 6 months ago
Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park, București, Romania 2021-05-05 6 months ago
Monometalito Celrà, Catalunya, Spain. Ocho ondas ascendentes grabadas.
Celrà, Catalunya, Spain 2021-05-02 7 months ago
Virrat, Pirkanmaa, Finland 2020-12-20 7 months ago
Vancouver Backyard Monolith
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 2021-01-03 7 months ago
Savonlinna, Southern Savonia, Finland 2020-12-10 7 months ago
Rockway Vineyards Golf Course Monolith - Monometalith 02
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada 2020-12-23 7 months ago
Tempe, Arizona, United States
Tempe, Arizona, United States 2020-12-22 7 months ago