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San Martín Base, Antarctica, República Argentina

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 Unconfirmed Monolith  This monolith does not have proper sourcing and might be a forgery.
Please update this monolith if you have additional sources, links, or eyewitness accounts that could aid us in verifying this monolith.

Location Accuracy

A Google Maps user posted a series of images showing a huge Monolith apparently located at an unknown point near the San Martín Antarctic Base or San Martín Base, a scientific station of the Argentine Republic in Antarctica under the responsibility of the Antarctic Command of the Argentine Army.

The structure of great proportions would be located on the Barry or San Martín islet of the group of Debenham islets, in the Motteta pass of the Fallières coast, in the Margarita Bay of the Antarctic peninsula.

The San Martín base is the first human settlement south of the Antarctic Circle.

We need a more credible source for this monolith. Currently we have a google 360 view on google maps, but the base of the monolith with the ground is obscured by a blurry area.
Dates & Classification
Date Spotted
Date Vanished
Unconfirmed Monolith usually reported directly or on social media
Multiple Monoliths
Physical Qualities
Number of Sides
Four Sides (Rectangular or Square)
Top Geometry
10.00 meters

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