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New and Updated Monoliths

These are the monoliths that have been added or updated within the past few days.

Title Date Spotted Vanished Created on Last Updated
Wikipedia Page Seattle Monolith
Seattle, United States 2021-02-12 4 days ago
Mexico Monolith
Desert Monolith, Mexico 2021-12-24 1 week ago
Tasmania Black Box Monolith
Australia Climate Change "Black Box" 2021-12-07 4 weeks ago
Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand 2020-12-20 1 month ago
Monestir de Poblet, Catalunya, Spain 2021-09-05 2 months ago
Uden-Landerd, Netherlands 2021-01-27 3 months ago
Black Monolith & Metallic Miniliths
MONO-MANIA PHASE II: Project Prelude Countdown 2 2021-08-14 3 months ago
Vigolo Vattaro, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, Italy 2020-12-13 3 months ago
Santes Creus, Catalunya, España. Jeroglíficos egipcios.
Santes Creus, Catalunya, Spain 2021-04-11 4 months ago
Monolito misterioso con cascada natural y perro feliz.
La Pajcha, Samaipata, Bolivia 2020-12-18 4 months ago
Monolith in Nurmijärvi, Finland
Nurmijärvi, Uusimaa, Finland 2021-01-06 4 months ago
Staffelberg (trad. Plane Mountain), geoestrategic and sacred place where the M is placed.
Staffelberg, Bayern, Germany 2020-12-24 4 months ago
Monolith on 9 12 close to Maasbracht Netherlands
Maasbracht, Limburg, Netherlands 2020-12-19 4 months ago
Budapest, Central Hungary, Hungary 2020-12-12 4 months ago
Newnan, Georgia, United States 2020-12-15 5 months ago
Paraguarí, Paraguay. Written in Morse Code.
Paraguarí, Asunción, Paraguay 2020-12-16 5 months ago
The Silver Monolith & Miniliths
Dryden, New York, USA 2021-06-11 5 months ago
Villa Sforza, Latium, Italy 2020-12-09 5 months ago
Cedar Lake Monolith from StarTribune Website
Cedar Lake, Minneapolis, United States 2021-02-02 5 months ago
Sommarøy, Tromsø, Norway 2021-01-24 5 months ago