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New and Updated Monoliths

These are the monoliths that have been added or updated within the past few days.

Title Date Spotted Vanished Created on Last Updated
Olympia, Washington State, USA 2021-05-02 7 months ago
Doongalla Picnic Ground, Australia 2020-12-11 7 months ago
Kanne, Flemish Region, Belgium 2020-12-11 7 months ago
Serra Art Display, Qatari Desert, Qatar 2021-05-02 7 months ago
Sedalia, Missouri, United States 2020-12-27 7 months ago
Photo: Patrik Widegren / SVT
Visby, Gotland, Sweden 2020-12-26 7 months ago
Photo: Sveriges Television
Huskvarna, Smaland, Sweden 2020-12-26 7 months ago
 Residents set fire to the mysterious monolith that appeared in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo February 17, 2021. REUTERS/Kenni Katombe
Kinshasa, Kinshasa Province, DR Congo 2021-02-18 7 months ago
Ruins of a Church.
Ayllón, Castilla y León, Spain 2020-12-08 7 months ago
Sa Conca, Catalunya, España.
Sa Conca, Catalunya, Spain 2021-03-30 7 months ago
Leuven, Belgium 2021-04-24 7 months ago
Beneden-Leeuwen, Netherlands 2020-12-19 7 months ago
Fort Pierce, Florida, United States 2020-12-18 7 months ago
Laconnaissancec c'estl'espoir
Ambialet, Occitanie, France 2020-12-24 7 months ago
Great Exuma, The Bahamas 2020-12-21 7 months ago
Le Havre, France 2020-12-11 7 months ago
Oudehorne, Netherlands 2020-12-08 7 months ago
Kansas, United States 2021-03-13 7 months ago
Dartmoor, United Kingdom 2020-12-11 7 months ago
Santa Clarita Monolith, California, US.
Santa Clarita, California, United States 2020-12-08 7 months ago