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Poltava Landfill, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine

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Location Accuracy

Not all monoliths are built the same, and now not all monoliths are placed in particularly beautiful locations. A second monolith was found in Ukraine, but this time in the middle of the Makukhiv landfill near Poltava. This one is mostly likely a knockoff, but with good intentions in mind. The Facebook user who originally posted about the monolith hopes that it will attract attention to the devastating amount of human waste that is hurting people, animals, and the environment.

Dates & Classification
Date Spotted
Questionable monoliths, not confirmed to be knockoffs but likely considering the origin or appearance of the monolith.
Multiple Monoliths
Physical Qualities
Stainless Steel
Number of Sides
Three Sided (Typical Monolith Design)
Unfinished surface
Top Geometry

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