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Dryden (3rd), NY, United States

Location Accuracy

An 8 foot by 4 foot by 2 inches flat black rectangular monolith. A painted foil surface constructed of solid insulation foam. It appears to be second in series (see June 10, 2021 Dryden, NY) only reverse colors--black monolith (instead of metallic) with small silver miniliths (instead of black holonic miniliths) with square spaces in the middle.

The written side of the Black Monolith has an alien head with a spoof quote of Ralph Nader's novel, "Only the Super Rich Can Save Us Now!" that instead reads: (Only The Aliens Can Save Us Now!)

August 6, 2021 is the 76th Anniversary of the tragic dropping of the Atomic Bomb during World War II by the United States of America! But could also be paradoxically the technological human event that caught alien lifeforms attention because since then there has been a correlation of increased UFO sightings and abductions of the latter half of the 20th century. Coincidence?

Four days later, on August 10, 2021, the black monolith and metallic monoliths disappeared, which coincides with "The Insurrection of 10 August 1792," which was a defining event of the French Revolution, when armed revolutionaries in Paris, increasingly in conflict with the French monarchy, stormed the Tuileries Palace. The conflict led France to abolish the monarchy and establish a republic.

Dates & Classification
Date Spotted
Date Vanished
Questionable monoliths, not confirmed to be knockoffs but likely considering the origin or appearance of the monolith.
Multiple Monoliths
Physical Qualities
Number of Sides
Four Sides (Rectangular or Square)
Top Geometry
2.43 meters
Social Media Campaign
Marking Text
PHASE II: Project Prelude Countdown 2 (August 6, 2021) S3K For Z.X.C. / Countdown To A New Cosmology, Transcendent Vision, & Crowdocratic Congressional Candidacy Of NY District 22 In 37 Days. (Only The Aliens Can Save Us Now!)