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New and Updated Monoliths

These are the monoliths that have been added or updated within the past few days.

Title Date Spotted Vanished Created on Last Updated
Leuven, Belgium 2021-04-24 3 weeks ago
Aleppo, Syria 2021-04-26 2 weeks ago
 Iron County, Cedar City, at Three Peaks Recreational Area Monolith
Iron County, Cedar City, Utah, United States 2021-04-05 1 month ago
Sa Conca, Catalunya, España.
Sa Conca, Catalunya, Spain 2021-03-30 3 weeks ago
Mumbai, India 2021-03-10 1 month ago
Los Padres National Forest, California 2020-12-08 2 months ago
 Residents set fire to the mysterious monolith that appeared in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo February 17, 2021. REUTERS/Kenni Katombe
Kinshasa, Kinshasa Province, DR Congo 2021-02-18 2 weeks ago
San Martín Base, Antarctica, República Argentina 2021-02-15 1 month ago
Daily Sabah Photo
Göbekli Tepe, Şanlıurfa Province, Turkey 2021-02-05 2 months ago
Borgo Faé TV, Italy 2021-02-07 2 months ago
Hightown Beach, Liverpool, United Kingdom 2021-01-25 3 months ago
Covid Memorial, Washington, D.C. 2021-01-21 1 month ago
Ahmedabad, India.
Symphony Forest Park, Thaltej, India 2020-12-30 4 months ago
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Marseilles, France 2021-01-23 3 months ago
Monolith in Nurmijärvi, Finland
Nurmijärvi, Finland 2021-01-06 1 month ago
Wisconsin Wauwatosa County Grounds Park Monolith
Wauwatosa's County Grounds Park, Wisconsin 2021-01-04 1 month ago
Kings Common Monolith 1
Kings Common Park, Tennessee, United States 2021-01-05 1 month ago
Oxford Flooded Monolith
West Oxfordshire, South East England, United Kingdom 2021-01-02 1 month ago
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
1st Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom 2021-01-01 1 month ago
Toronto Monolith Pre Vandal
Humber Bay Shores, Toronto, Canada 2020-12-31 1 month ago