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Kielce, Świętokrzyskie, Poland

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Location Accuracy

Two monoliths appeared in Poland in the same day. The one in Kielce is 2.5-3 meters tall, and the other is on the Vistula river. The Kielce monolith is made of steel, with a brushed brushed metal texture. It is currently unknown who placed the monolith.

On Friday, Dec 11 2020 it was examined by scientists from the Kielce University of Technology / Świętokrzyska Polytechnic. Professor Jerzy Piotrowski examined/analysed the monolith, and reported:

"It's a three-dimensional construction made from sheet steel, reinforced from within. The sheet steel appears to be of very good presentation [translator infers this to mean of high quality], it is sheet of 0.55 thickness. [Translator's note: units are not given, presumably either 0.55mm or 0.55cm.] It has good durability and hardness. By its appearance, I would judge it to resemble sheet steel that is usually manufactured for trade. As produced by a normal steelworks. It cannot be categorically established who manufactured it,"

Dates & Classification
Date Spotted
Possibly significant monoliths, well made, but with little information or some evidence that suggests a knockoff/generally less mystery
Multiple Monoliths
Physical Qualities
Stainless Steel
Number of Sides
Four Sides (Rectangular or Square)
Top Geometry
Inclined Plane
3.00 meters
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