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Vignola, Italy

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Location Accuracy

Near a medieval castle in the city of Vignola, Modena, Italy a monolith was spotted on December 18th 2020. The monolith is 1.9 meters in height.

It was reported that the Mayor's office has received many phone calls, from people who are concerned about the permanence of the installation. This monolith does comply with the strict criteria regarding safety, and this is the reason why it is thought that the work can remain in front of the castle.

Dates & Classification
Date Spotted
Questionable monoliths, not confirmed to be knockoffs but likely considering the origin or appearance of the monolith.
Multiple Monoliths
Physical Qualities
Stainless Steel
Number of Sides
Three Sided (Typical Monolith Design)
Top Geometry
Tetrahedron or Pyramid
1.90 meters

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